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In Orchha

For over 250 years, Orchha served as the capital of an intrepid Rajput clan – the Bundelas. In 1783, the Bundelas abandoned the city, leaving behind their imposing fort, ornate palaces and delicate pavilions.

Today, Orchha is a sleepy little town on the banks of the lovely Betwa river, surrounded by farmland and wilderness. Locals still consider the Hindu deity Lord Rama to be their king – a legend originating from the Bundelas’ time. Shri Hardaul, a Bundela prince who was tragically poisoned, is also said to watch over the people of Orchha. The living traditions and memorable stories breathe life into the picturesque monuments and quiet lanes.

Around Orchha

Orchha is a good stop inside longer trips through Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is well connected by rail, flight and road from Delhi and Mumbai. There is much to be experienced, including tiger sanctuaries, world heritage sites and rich cuisine.

Take a look at the menu alongside and see what you’d like to do. Come explore Madhya Pradesh with us. As we like to say, “MP ajab hai”. It is unique and enchanting.

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